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Efficient Patient Planning Design Tools

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Unified Mind Map for Collaboration

Our innovative software transforms healthcare by uniting physicians on a single, design-driven platform. Inspired by engineering CAD tools, it replaces fragmented data entry with a continuous text workspace, reducing cognitive load and boosting efficiency. This unified approach enhances collaboration, minimizes errors, and improves patient outcomes, revolutionizing how patient care is planned and delivered.

A Better Workflow

Our software unifies physicians on a design-driven platform, replacing fragmented data entry with a continuous text workspace. This streamlined approach reduces cognitive load, boosts efficiency, and enhances patient care.

patient graph

Synthesisized Data

Being able to see connections in patient data and view them in a graph form allows healthcare professionals to quickly get up to date on the issues at hand and provide help.

Expessive Text Formatting

In daily life we have the ability to highlight important information, add in exclamations and be creative in the ways we make crucial information stand out. Why should healthcare records be any differen&apost.

Composable Order Sets

Aurora looks to change how medical records are formed, instead of traditional order sets we look to bring the patient plan into one continuous and organized workflow space.

Contemporaneous Learning & Decision Support

Contemporaneous learning is to learn at point of care instead of switching processes. Aurora provides physicians with information needed to support their decision at time of need.

Efficient Medical Plans

Aurora gives physicians the ability to create readable medical plans that are more time efficient. This will save time in the creation of records, adjustments to the medical plans and signovers to the next physician coming in.

About Aurora

Our Motivation

The Aurora team is disappointed in the condition of current healthcare software. Everyone wants patients to get the highest quality of care, but how can we expect this from medical professionals when they aren't given the proper tools?

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring fully connected patient plans to hospitals all across Canada. We are determined to lighten the cognitive load physicians carry and in return provide efficient care to patients.


Aurora Constellations is partially funded from innovative research grants such as NOAMA and Mitacs. This allows for continued research related to design tools in healthcare.


Aurora Constellations is a research initiative based in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and has received support from the institutes in our region such as Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute, and The Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

  • Previous Health Researcher for Google Research
    Recommended We Publish to Nature.
    Previous Health Researcher for Google Research
  • Co-Chair of the HealthCareCAN VP Research Committee
    The Diagram We Provide Physicians is “Simply Stupendous”
    Co-Chair of the HealthCareCAN VP Research Committee
  • Our Hospital’s MediTech Representative
    “Very Exciting”
    Our Hospital’s MediTech Representative

Meet The Team


    Dr.Arnold Kim

    CEO and Co-Founder


    James McCormack



    Yash Gupta

    Director of AI Innovation


    Laila Ikki

    Principle Software Engineer


    Darien Sawyer

    Principle Software Architect


    Andie Maylen

    Strategic Growth and Marketing Manager


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Aurora Constellations Is Open To Making Connections And Creating Partnerships, Feel Free To Reach Out If You Are Interested In Learning More.